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SoundPLAN Version 8.0 as been released.

April 2017

SoundPLAN 8.0 Beta version released for distributor trials.

Streamlining and adapting old structures into the new format and without losing project information.

SoundPLAN essential 4.1 release date to be advised.

Software to be based on SoundPLAN 8.0 calculation core.

February 2017

Problems with Google Earth connection?

Newer versions of Google Earth complicate or block the connection from SoundPLAN.

Visit our Downloads page for a version of Google Earth that is compatible with SoundPLAN software.

June 2016

SoundPLAN essential 4.0 released to global market.

Improvements include better positioning of receiver points, enhanced manipulation of objects within the maps,

better use of colours for clarity and a new display option of geometry bitmaps in a 3D view.

Windows 10: Solution for incorrect scrolling with the mouse wheel

Go to Settings -> Devices -> Mouse & touch-pad and change option to “OFF”

March 2016

ISO 9613-2 Interim: New standard for the prognosis of noise emissions from wind turbines now available.